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I meant to post this a long time ago back when I did the first two in this series. I let time get away from me a little. Just a little. Well this post is about just shutting the heck up and listening. The previous ones were about music but this one is just about […]

I left you, in the last post, talking about the importance of music. It was a longer post than I had anticipated and because of this it is now going to be a 3 parter. (Tharter*) If only I could make 4 hahaha. In this second part, I’m going to address what I consider to […]

Hey everybody!!! It has been quite a while since my last entry and I apologize for that. I have had this idea in my mind for a while and its something that I find very important. The main point of this post is for you to understand the importance of music, at least in my […]

The Job Label


I have been thinking a lot lately about my future and where it might be going. The obvious question that goes through my mind is what kind of job am I going to get to pay the bills. I mean who hasn’t thought about that? Who hasn’t? In our society, we seem to label who […]

The American Dream is a stupid goal. Yeah, I’m saying that prosperity and success are something that one should not strive to accomplish in there lifetime. We, as Americans are blinded by our own culture and we seem to think that money is the almighty answer to all our prayers and wishes. We think its […]

We as humans desire to be comfortable. That is in both physical and mental statuses. In a crowded, hot room, most of us may, after a time, seek “fresh” air or an opened area to relax or recover from the discomfort. If we fill the room with mostly people we don’t know, we tend to […]

Over this past weekend, a friend from college passed away in a car accident. This is the closest I have been to a death outside of family and its a monster in of itself. When news hits your brain and you finally realize what exactly is going on, your heart sinks. Those words that you […]

Hey folks, I know that its been quite a while since my last post but here I am, back to continue this blog. I guess my excuse is that I just got lazy since college let out for summer and adjusting to not having homework, although awesome and easy, made me a bit lazy. But […]

An interesting concept or thought came to my mind today, and has come to my mind on several different occasions. Usually, when I walk to class, I always see dudes just sitting in their trucks either working on them or just doing nothing at all. Every time I see it I just can’t help but […]

With finals week just around the corner, the assignments and projects start to weigh heavier and heavier on students. This is never a fun time for us. Were suffocated by deadline after deadline. Its pretty much the most stressful time of the year. For you parents or adults that are out of school, this is […]