My Name is Adam Groff and I’m a christian who believes that God is awesome and trusts in Jesus. I’m a shy dude, but I do have a lot to say. I’ve found that writing is something that I am meant to do to. I was made a person who is terrible at face to face conversations, but if you engage me in a conversation that is not face to face and in text form I’ll talk your head off. Writing is my way to express my thoughts and feelings about absolutely anything I want. That’s the beauty of these blogs which I used to consider stupid.

I consider myself to be a fun person to hang with once you get to know me and I am comfortable with you. I like joking around and doing crazy things. Mostly my jokes are fairly cheesy (thanks mom and dad haha) and/or are references to movies or tv shows. I Love watching TV and seeing new movies. Movies just entertain me with ease. I also love playing video games. Sports wise, I play Tennis whenever I can and I’m willing to play any pick-up-sport that is offered. I’m a huge Maryland Terrapins fan. Mainly a fan of there men’s college basketball team. March Madness is pretty much the most exciting part of every year. The excitement and passion that is in the air around that time is incredible.  I enjoy hanging with friends a lot and I’m blessed with some of the greatest friends anyone could ask for.

I run a facebook group called “My Thoughts”, which is a group where I post “episodes’ weekly when i can about anything I feel like talking about. My main goal with that was to entertain people and possibly inspire them. That is essentially where I got my start as a writer. It happened by accident almost. I was in an odd mood while talking to a friend on facebook and I decided to tell her how I would handle a hypothetical “Zombieland”. After that I decided to improve on it and write more about it and send it in a message to other people. People enjoyed it and responded and had some fun so I decided to write another one. This time it was about dating. This sparked even more conversation, which led me to start a group and continue writing episodes. And here I am on wordpress starting a blog. Feel free to check out my facebook group which is opened to everybody and can be found on my facebook profile page.

My goal with this blog is to inspire people using events and thoughts that I have. The main focus of this group is also the title of the blog. Faith Based Optimism. I believe in faith and I’m and optimistic person. This blog will explain what this means and hopefully it will help some of you guys and gals. Or at the very least entertain you.

Adam Groff


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