Listen to It – Part 2

Bands, bands and more bands

Tons and Tons of Music

I left you, in the last post, talking about the importance of music. It was a longer post than I had anticipated and because of this it is now going to be a 3 parter. (Tharter*) If only I could make 4 hahaha. In this second part, I’m going to address what I consider to be a problem these days. But before I get to that, I mentioned last time that I was in the band Finding Isaac. Well, having written about it and reminisced, I ended up going to our band myspace page. It was pretty interesting to see old pictures of the band…without me. My mom made me come home before my band members’ sister got there to take the pictures. I also listened to the 2 band songs that are up along with the 2 and a half songs that were recorded by Gunner Herman, who essentially led the band. The difference between the band songs and Gunnar’s is pretty obvious haha. He recorded them professionally. They are good songs though. Anyways if you want to check us out here is the link.

Ok down to business. This is…Part 2…

What is this problem that supposedly exists according to a guy (me) who clearly has the credibility to diagnose? Well, the issue is that too many people out there only listen to what is shoved down there throats by radio stations, specifically pop radio stations. To me this is a problem because there is so much great music out there that we will never hear because we think that only songs on the radio are good. Come on people. My personally opinion of pop music is that its generic and all the same stuff that is mostly “factory” made. Of course not every band or artist buys their songs but a lot do. Don’t get me wrong though, there are good songs on the radio. My issue is that there are too many over looked songs out there.

My iTunes library is filled with many different genres and different bands thanks to my omnipresent taste in music. Most of which are fairly unknown bands and artists that my friends and I have discovered over the years. One day I’ll be listening to the head banging music of Oh, Sleeper and the next I’ll serenade myself with soundcapes produced by Sigur Ros. Trust me, there are a lot of great bands that I guarantee you will like. All you gotta do is look. is a website that I use to not only find new music but see what my friends are listening to. Its like a facebook for music. You go to the site and create your own profile. Then you download an application that keeps track of the songs you listen to as well as shows you bands or artists that are like the bands you listen to. You can friend other people on the site and see what they are listening to. Its just a great free site for the music lovers out there. (Its better than pandora *wink*) Here is the link

So I encourage all of you to get out there and discover new music and stop limiting yourselves to just Radio music. Just…Listen to It

Adam Groff

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One Response to “Listen to It – Part 2”

  1. 1 Amy Jones

    Very good thoughts Adam. You should be a writer. I will have to try that sight.

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