The Job Label

I Am My Job

I Am My Job

I have been thinking a lot lately about my future and where it might be going. The obvious question that goes through my mind is what kind of job am I going to get to pay the bills. I mean who hasn’t thought about that? Who hasn’t? In our society, we seem to label who people are along the lines of social status and how we perceive them like it is the most important thing in life.

From the beginning God created us to do work as it says in Genesis 2:15…

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

We were made with skills and talents to be put to good use in our time on this Earth. That is why we find pleasure in work but not in the work itself. Just the fact that we are useful and accomplish tasks. Think of it this way, when you go through a tough workout (like AbRipperX) we may hate it while were doing it but when its done we feel awesome. The good burn in your muscles. Feels good. Thats like the only part of working out that I like, haha.

Anyways, we were created to work but we seem to ignore the true meaning behind this. We weren’t made to work for the purpose of making tons of money and becoming successful in the job world. We were made to work for christ, which brings me to my main point. Took me long enough, right? Your job or career you attain should not represent who you are. We hold our jobs up so high that it becomes who we are. This is bad. Bad to the bone. This is focus issue. When we turn our gaze off of Christ and the cross and onto our jobs, we are making our faith useless. Who we are is, and should always be who you are in Christ. People shouldn’t you and say, “Hey there is Joe, the plummer” or “there is Marie, the pencil sharpener maintenance lady.” It should be more like, “There is Tyler, the guy who likes the Twilight movies and has a relationship with God.”

A nice job is awesome but living life through your faith in Jesus is by far the coolest way to go through life. You feel me? =)


Adam Groff

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8 Responses to “The Job Label”

  1. 1 Jay C

    “There is Tyler, the guy who likes the Twilight movies and has a relationship with God.”
    hahahaha, i love you so much! but seriously, good stuff brah

  2. Hey Groffmeister,

    Rock on… super reminder for me on a Monday morning with too much to do!



  3. 5 Tim

    Preach it, Groffy.

  4. 6 Kate

    My favorite line: “there is Marie, the pencil sharpener maintenance lady.”

    Good post Adam! First thing that popped into my head was “identity determines function”!

  5. 8 Ashlin

    Oh you better believe I’ll KIT!

    Good stuff duder, you the man.

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