The American Dream Fallacy


American Dream?

The American Dream is a stupid goal. Yeah, I’m saying that prosperity and success are something that one should not strive to accomplish in there lifetime. We, as Americans are blinded by our own culture and we seem to think that money is the almighty answer to all our prayers and wishes. We think its going to bring us happiness. To quote an Assistant to the Regional Manager, “False!”

I was recently listening to a message from a missionary who challenged us to take a look at our lives and what we want our future to be. It got me thinking about this so called ‘American Dream’. I believe the official phrase is “Chasing the American Dream”. as christians, we can’t fall for this crap because it will lead us down a graceless path. The only thing you should be chasing is a relationship with Jesus because he is the way to heaven. Yeah having a high paying job with tons of health benefits and bonuses is awesome but how in the heck is that helping you in your walk with Christ. You don’t think you can just pay your way into heaven do you?

The speaker mentioned something that I found interesting and inspirational. He is a missionary in Brazil and he said that the families living essentially with no money are just as happy as any rich family you can find here. Life is not about material possessions at all and this is an issue I continue to struggle with. We need to let go of our worldly possessions and let Jesus take over for when we give ourselves to Him, we no longer exist as just people but instead as vessels for God’s use. Don’t be chasing lies, chase a christian life.

Chasing the Christian Life


Adam Groff

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6 Responses to “The American Dream Fallacy”

    • This is a section of the article you sent me.

      “But when well-being was determined by asking a series of questions about the previous day — whether people had experienced a lot of enjoyment, laughter, smiling, anger, stress, worry — income mattered only up to about $75,000. After that, more money didn’t seem to buy more — or less — happiness.”

      Money may give you happiness on the suface but internal happiness or joy can only be accomplished through faith in Jesus. This is my opinion but I believe it to be a fairly true statement.

      Thanks for the comment

  1. 3 Adam


    More information on happiness.

    There is a correlation between happiness and religion.

    Also, you may find this TED talk interesting.

  2. Groffmeister,

    I love whats going on in your head and that you share it with others. Thanks for sharing this part of your story.

    You are laying down a challenge with this one! Nicely done.

    They say the best things in life are free. At least THE best/greatest thing in life is free, Love.

    I’m encouraged by you,

    Leadership Freak,
    Dan Rockwell

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