An Ode To A Passing Friend


Over this past weekend, a friend from college passed away in a car accident. This is the closest I have been to a death outside of family and its a monster in of itself. When news hits your brain and you finally realize what exactly is going on, your heart sinks. Those words that you can’t believe at first cut deep into you spilling out emotions. Me being a bit of a proud dude, I held in the tears because I was in a car with a friend when I heard the news.

I couple minutes after I told my friend what happened, he changed the song we were listening to to How He Loves. The song, in all its beauty, made it harder to hold in the tears but It was the perfect song to be played. It reaffirmed to me that God does love us and He loves us so freakin much that our human thoughts will never comprehend or understand the extent of such a love. When unfortunate events happen in our lives, we need to stick by God, Sometimes the first thing we do is ask him why the world he would allow this to happen. We need to understand that he has a reason for everything and a reason for all. How HE LOVES us, Oh How HE LOVES us.

Tracy was one of those girls that you know right from the get go, that she loves to have fun and loves to talk with others. A very sociable girl. A girl that always stood out to me. It’s tough to describe her fully because she is so unique. It was very apparent that she had found God and really dug into his being and his Love. You pretty much can’t not like her. Her charming whimsical nature was beyond endearing. I remember her always saying “green” when I would burp in her presence. I still don’t fully understand why but that was her. I also remember sharing the same love for Dove Dark chocolate. That bag that I shared with her. She was a fan of Transformers, which is super cool for a girl haha. Above all of this is the fact that she had built a fire with God, a fire that will never go out, a fire that no amount of water can douse, a fire that can be seen throughout the heavens and on earth. She was purely “alive”. I don’t mean that in just the obvious definition of just living but she knew how to live and she was completely full of life. Her life will not be forgotten because she now lives within all those who knew her. Friends, family, and even enemies if it were even possible for her to have any.

Shine on girl, like I know you will. Everytime I burp, I’ll here you say “green”.


Adam Groff

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15 Responses to “An Ode To A Passing Friend”

  1. 1 jeremy.

    love you bro.

  2. 3 Tim

    Groffman – I love this blog. I do allow you to shed some tears. Beth and I did and it felt good. Yep Tracy had that ability to make everyone smile, didn;t she?

    Love you man…

    • I know it is but when it comes down to crying in front of others I can’t help but try to hold them in. But dont worry they will come out sometime soon and definitely at the funeral.

  3. 5 Connie

    Sorry to hear that Adam! Praying for you and the family of your friend.

    • Thanks Connie, we all appreciate it. And seriously thank you for an awesome weekend. I had a blast. We should play a tennis match sometime haha.

  4. 7 cheryl

    Oh Adam, that was a beautiful blog…thanks for that…brought tears for sure, but thankful tears. Thanks for sharing and for being a good friend to Tracy, I’m sure. Blessings to you and all the friends who share the loss.

  5. 9 Ed Garis

    Adam Thank You for the kind words and thoughts.At this time I can only say she loved life and had a gift of making people smile.Tracy loved Church from the first time her Mother and I took her,even as a baby she always seemed to be listening. God has a new helper,I don’t know if she will be organizing or greeting. I know when each of us get there Tracy will be waiting with a smile.My heart is heavy but my brain is overwhelmed with wonderful happy memories.I am looking forward to hearing all the wonderful stories from all her friends on Thursday and thereafter the rest of my life. Ed Garis

    • Ed, thank you soo much for your comments and words. I didn’t know her for very long but I’m so glad that I do know her because she often made me smile and laugh. There is no doubt that she is doing some super things with God right now. That familiar smile will be quite a welcome gift when we join her someday. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  6. 11 Kendall

    I felt the exact same way about the song Blessed Be Your Name. It has been stuck in my head ever since I heard. The time He gave us with her was a beautiful gift, and I thank for him for the precious time we had, even if I wish we had a little more.

  7. 13 Scott

    You’re one of the most genuine Dudes I know.
    I am proud to have you as a friend, great blog.

    love you man,
    still stoked to chill with you, let’s do it soon

  8. I sympathise your pain. I can sense how much you loved her. Here what comes to my mind is ” Destiny is decided”. We are helpless before nature and God. And he only provides us power to absorb those shock. Nothing is permanent, where our pain or pleaure. So,accept what has happened and console yourself.

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