Family Should Be Friend

Family is Friend

Family is Friend

Hey folks, I know that its been quite a while since my last post but here I am, back to continue this blog. I guess my excuse is that I just got lazy since college let out for summer and adjusting to not having homework, although awesome and easy, made me a bit lazy. But I am back and I am here to talk about spending time with your family.

Family time is a special time. A time for families to get together and enjoy each others company. Some families struggle with this. My family most certainly isn’t the best but I guess when the youngest child is 20 years old (me) there seems to be less time for family especially with one child slowly moving toward starting a family of his own. Just because we are moving on towards a future where we no longer live in the same house as our parents, family time is still very important.

Although at times, family can be annoying and not too enjoyable, if one…just one person steps up and sets up a movie night or a game night every once and a while something special can happen. With all the changes going on I try to set up times for me and at least one other family member to watch a movie. I love movies so why not right? I just recently watched a movie with my sister. The situation was fixed because our cable was out and I had my Xbox360 set up in the family room. This situation just screamed movie night. Both of us didn’t feel like going out so instead I opened her up to a movie she had not yet seen. We enjoyed each others company and enjoyed a good movie, which she said afterward was “real good”

Just try to create non threatening scenarios and family time can be pretty darn awesome. Make yourself opened to family time. It takes just one person to do this.


Adam Groff

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2 Responses to “Family Should Be Friend”

  1. 1 Scott Eberly

    Great encouragement man…love it

    what movie?

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