If Thats What You Are Into

Computer Nerd

Computer Nerd

An interesting concept or thought came to my mind today, and has come to my mind on several different occasions. Usually, when I walk to class, I always see dudes just sitting in their trucks either working on them or just doing nothing at all. Every time I see it I just can’t help but wonder why the world somebody would waste their time sitting in a truck or working on their truck. It just seems like a pointless use of time.

Upon further thinking about this, I have come to the conclusion that they would probably think the same thing about me if they saw me sitting in my chair watching TV. It all comes down to personal opinion and whether or not you are personally getting something out of what you spend your time doing. For me, I enjoy watching tv but would absolutely get bored just sitting in my vehicle for no reason.

I think we are quick to judge what people do with their time. For instance, a guy who loves tinkering with a computer would probably think that hiking or going on a walk is a waste of time. I think that we need to try to either imagine we are that person and enjoy what they are doing or try to find something that we, ourselves like to do and use it to compare it like i did above with my TV watching and the dudes sitting in the car. When we do this, we begin to see that what they are using their time for is not so bad after all.

So next time you come across someone doing something that you think is stupid or a waste of time, take some time to think about it before you go ahead and tell them how stupid they are for doing what they are doing. I think the measure of a good use of time is based purely on personal opinion and personal gain. If a person is gaining something outta what they are doing then it is not a waste of time.


Adam Groff

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2 Responses to “If Thats What You Are Into”

  1. 1 Amy Jones

    Adam, here is my blog. if it works.


  2. great post. you are on to something big here that is crippling our culture. instant judgment. you should check out a book called cross-cultural servanthood by duane elmer. this book will opens your eyes to the need to serve others and not judge others based on a cultural barrier. enjoy!

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