Finals Week Stress Syndrome



With finals week just around the corner, the assignments and projects start to weigh heavier and heavier on students. This is never a fun time for us. Were suffocated by deadline after deadline. Its pretty much the most stressful time of the year.

For you parents or adults that are out of school, this is the perfect time to show us young-ins how much you really do care about us. Here some tips for things that will help us and what doesn’t.

Encourage us to push through the hard work. Tell us how much you care about us. Tell us you love us. Give us a nice warm hug. Buy us foods we really enjoy. Gives us a call to give us a brief rest from studying.

Don’t call us to tell us to study. Don’t ask us about our grades. Don’t Call us to make sure were studying. Don’t tell us to study harder. Don’t buy us healthy food that we don’t care for at all. Don’t tell us we need to shave. Don’t distract us for too long from work.

Those are just a few things that you can do to support us. For my fellow students, I have a few things to say to you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. What I mean is don’t drive yourself crazy worrying about your final grade. Just do what you need to do to be ready for the final, take the final and be done with it. Just do your best. Also, take some time for yourself to think, cry, and laugh everyday. The crying part may come a bit easier than the other things. By thinking I mean, time for yourself to think about things other than tests and projects. Break out a nice novel, or heck write a novel. Just make sure you give yourself some time away from work. Its not healthy to constantly work. Be organized with your work. If your a big time procrastinator, try your best to force yourself to start studying as early as possible. Even if its just a small amount. Any amount of work outta the way is step in the right direction. Try to find joy in the littlest of things cause you could easily become engulfed in work and become depressed. Find time for friends and get through this.

On the horizon is a summer away from school. When its over, let the feeling of freedom fill your entire body. Feel free to scream at this point. Yeah…go ahead and scream as loud as you can. The feeling of being done with school is probably the most refreshing feeling in the world. Heck you may even want to grap some random person(s) and kiss them on the cheek as you dance around like an idiot. Be free.


Adam Groff

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8 Responses to “Finals Week Stress Syndrome”

  1. 1 Amy Jones

    Hi Adam,

    I know this is a stressful time for you. But I also know you can do it. Going by your blogs you are an intelligent guy who will go far and be a great testimony. I do care about you because you have been a great encouragement to me through your blogs. More than you’ll ever know. In fact because of you I am trying to start my own blog. If you need to talk or vent why not get on facebook I’ll be your friend. Take your own advice and go to Wendy’s or Burger King and buy the works. I don’t see you during the week so here is a hug thru the computer. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF.

    • Thank you so much for the awesome comment. It really does help for us to hear that stuff every once in a while, whether its during finals week or not. I’m super glad to hear that my blog has been encouraging you. You really should start a blog. We could then feed off each others posts and bring in more traffic to each other. Let me know if you end up taking the leap into blogging. Oh and thanks for the hug =).

  2. Groffy, thanks for the encouragement to us all. College aint easy, that’s why it isn’t for everyone. Everyone would do it if it were easy. If you catch me crying, make sure you slap me, cause I shouldn’t need to cry over my own procrastination!

    love you, groffy.

    • Haha thanks Ashlin. I’m not gunna slap you though, cause crying is very healthy to do. Afterward, you will feel better. Its pretty cool. Cry it up my man.

  3. 5 Tim

    Hey Groffman:

    I want to encourage you to push through the hard work.
    I care about you
    OK, if you need to hear it, even love you.
    You can have a hug tomorrow night.
    Popcorn is on me tomorrow night, buddy.
    I will call next week to check in – promise.
    I will not bug you about studying (can I bug you about staying up too late and messing around?)
    I don’t ask about grades unless you share – no worries.
    We have no healthy food – plus at the campfire we are eating hot dogs.
    I like when you don’t shave.
    I will try not to be too distracting.

    OK, I think I got it all addressed. 🙂

  4. 7 Dad

    Adam, I didn’t think you became “stressed”!!!! Keep studying, but enjoy your college experience. I know you will do the best you can on these finals – you are your Mother’s son!!!!! I assume you know that is where you got your “smarts”!! and looks!!!! All you get from me is your cheesy sense of humor and your love of tennis and hunting!!! Just think of how calming it will be next Friday and Saturday in Bradford county!!!!!!! I will tell you about the book I am reading – “Lord, Change My Attitude, Before It’s Too Late” I am only on chapter 2 but have been challenged!!!!!

    Love You,


    • I get stressed a lot Dad. Like I said in our phone conversation, I do a good job of hiding it when I’m around people. There are times, though, that it does show but for the most part, I keep it under wraps. I honestly can’t stop thinking about how wonderful this coming weekend will be. Just to be able to sit out in nature and relax with no worries of due dates or any school related crap at all. I will probably enjoy it more than I ever have in the past.

      I think i definitely have a great mix of traits from both you and mom. My sense of humor and love for tennis and hunting are not the only things i got from you. I also got your easy to get along with characteristics but I think both you and mom have that.

      Thanks for your comments.


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