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We are all taught and told as kids that reading is so very important to do to broaden our horizons and to learn from. I’m one of those dudes that completely disregarded this idea because “reading was for losers” haha. To be honest I have had an interest in reading since middle school but I never really got into it. I picked up a few books and read them, some I finished and most I didn’t.

For some people it seems that they can pick up any book and read through the whole thing whether they really enjoy it or it is just an ok read. For me, I need to really enjoy it and really be interested in the topic or theme. This was my issue. The books I was reading didn’t really appeal to me except for a few. I read straight through Winterdance, by Gary Paulson about the riggers of the Iditarod race but quickly failed to read through Sinner, by Ted Dekker. With Winterdance being a realistic adventure that I was interested in and Sinner being a very unrealistic thriller about people with special abilities which I wasn’t really sold on.

For people like me, if this sounds familiar to you, we need to look at what we are interested in and what draws us into books more than others to find books to read. Reading is indeed important because, well, it pretty much does broaden your horizon and help you learn new things. I still am not into reading but I’m getting some books from a friend that are theology based because I’m interested in learning more about Christian living and what it means to be a Christian. I’m really excited to dig into these books and I’m hoping that it opens me up to reading more and more.

I think that everybody should read on a regular basis whether its fiction or non-fiction. I urge you to look harder for those books that you like reading, look for those themes and styles that pull you in and give you a fighting chance to finish the book and leave it with an even bigger drive to read more and more. Reading can be fun, exciting, and emotional. All you gotta do is pick up a book and read. I leave you with a few questions because I am in a spot where I am learning to read more too so hearing your opinions can help me as well as other readers of this entry. What themes or styles do you enjoy most? How do you find the right books to read? How do you get yourself to read?


Adam Groff

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7 Responses to “Read It”

  1. 1 Amy Jones

    I’ve never had any trouble reading. Since I was in first grade I have loved to read. I hate to get rid of any because I like to read them over again. I once read in a “Daily Bread ”
    devotional that books are like good friends. For me, that is true I can get so involved in a book I am can imagine the whole thing. I mostly read christion fiction books, leaning more to mystery/suspense or love stories, The one I just read by Francine Rivers.”Her Mothers Hope”, really wasn’t either of those but I couldn’t put it down. I find books by asking people what they have read, or I look in the CBD magazine, or go to the christian bookstore. I don’t have to make myself read I just do it . My problem is I don’t know when to stop and get something else done. I also enjoy non-fiction christian books. Like Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer and Chuck Swindoll. Reading about peoples’ lives is also interesting.


  2. 2 Amy Jones

    Think of it this way when you are having trouble reading. ” God used good books to encourage our heart and stimulate our mind.” HWR(Daily Bread)


    • Hmmm those are some very helpful and interesting comments. Unlike you I find trouble reading because, well, I love video games, tv and movies a lot haha. That quote is very good and very true. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. 4 Amy Jones

    Maybe if you read at the same time everyday. Or you could do it before or after your homework,until you get interested in a book or use to reading. If you go to the christian bookstore, ask them for suggestions on what to read. The manager’s name is Kevin Williams. I’m sure he could point some out to you.

    • I just got two books from a friend and I began reading the one yesterday. Its called, Living the Cross Centered Life. Its really good so far. Where is the Christian bookstore? I want to go check it out sometime.

  4. 6 Amy Jones

    The christian bookstore is on washington blvd across from Papa Johns. There is also a coffee shop in it. They just moved there. It is called Christian Light Bookstore. There is alot of parking in back.l

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