Climb the Mountain Part 3

Alone with Nature

Alone With Nature

Hey guess what, I managed to squeeze out another blog entry on my mountain climb. Yeah for me. I’m sure you all are about sick of hearing about the mountain and such but I feel that this entry is important enough.

After celebrating my victory over the mountain, I found a nice flat slab of concrete at the foot of one of the structures that held up the power lines. As you can see from the picture, I was pretty comfy. Anyways, I stayed up there on top of the hill for about 45 minutes. I took the time to just relax before I opened my Bible and read about the parables in the book of Matthew. After spending some time with God, I headed back down. It felt real good to walk down the hill because it was so easy haha.

The thing that I want to point out from this story is the fact that I was alone, away from just about all human made noises and distractions. Unfortunately, the sound of the highway made its way all the way up the mountain to where I sat. Let me ask you this question. How often do you get or make time to be in complete silence? At any given moment, there is always something human created noise, whether it be actual noise or just your own thoughts.

We have so mutter noise clutter in our lives that its hard to really hear what God is trying to tell us or show us. Heck, I have music cranked in my ear right now as I right this. We need to find ways to escape from noises and distractions so we can really focus on God. Being on top of that mountain with nothing but God’s own creations around me, I was able to really focus on what was said in the chapters that I read. SO I say to you…

Find yourself a place where you can be still and silent and focus on God. It can be on a mountain like mine, or on the dock of a lake. Or even in a bathroom. Where ever you can find peace and solitude will work fine. Don’t let the noises of our daily life take away your ability to focus on God. Feel free to share any of your ideas on where you go to be with God. I would love to hear it.


Adam Groff


4 Responses to “Climb the Mountain Part 3”

  1. hi, i like your post

  2. 3 Derrick Shultz (Big Time Friend)


    This is an amazing post. I do struggle with noise pollution, and I think I’m finding my spot for almost complete silence/relaxation. I notice where I have been getting it, and that would be the golf course. With all seriousness when im out there just hitting the ball and walking down the fairway through the beautiful nature on the course it just reminds me how beautiful God made this earth. Just the other day when Tom, Chuck, Jon, and I went out, Chuck and I saw an eagle and that just got me in a good mood just spending the time in nature. Also it did help out my golf game since I calmed me down instead of being frustrated with some bad shots. But who cares about the game its just being out there and being one with God’s CREATION!


    • That is very cool, derrick. I admire the fact that you use this game to find solace and peace among God’s Creation. Its something that I believe is lacking greatly these days because of technology and the need to be always right near your phone, laptop, Ipod and whatever else. Everybody should just go outside and just listen to nature and soak in its beauty. Once again, thank you for your comment. Big Time Friend indeed.


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