Climb The Mountain Part 1

Climb the Mountain

Climb the Mountain

Last Wednesday I accomplished something I had wanted to do all year. I wanted to make the trip up the mountain via the trail beneath power lines that run all the way to the top and down the other side of the mountain.  I decided the night before that I would wak up a little before 8 get up pack a few waters and my Bible in my backpack and just start walking. And thats just what i did…

The adventure was very interesting to say the least. I took tons of pictures along the way of anything that looked interesting. I started off waking on the railroad tracks on the edge of campus to make my way over to the Maynard Street bridge. At that point, I was feeling real good and optimistic about the trip. When I began to work my way up the hill towards the bottom of the mountain, I started to realize that this was not gunna be so easy. My legs were already burning a bit and I hadn’t even reached the woods beneath the mountain. I kept on trekking though.

As I finally reached the summit, so to speak, I broke out my first water bottle and took a few swigs. I had left a folder and one book in my backpack to make it more full. I was regretting that decision a bit haha. Anyways, I began my climb by walking around a power facility for the power lines. I ended up choosing the long way around, which i didn’t realize till later. But nonetheless, I went that way and walked through some woods before reaching a trail that seemed to make its way all the way to the top.

As I look back at the entire experience, I can’t help but relate the whole thing to life, or more specifically faith. We all run into mountains in our lives and in our walk with God, whether it be an obstacle in our way or just something we want to tackle that we don’t necessarily have to. In this case it is the latter of the two but they are not so different from each other. In the end they are either accomplishments or failures. When we come across these “mountains” in our lives and our walk with God, we sometimes don’t have any idea of how it will work out. Sometimes when we do, we are still scared to make the climb. These are the situations where we need to have trust in Jesus. Your gunna come across things in your life that will seem insurmountable or just tough, but when you trust in Jesus, you know in your heart that it will turn out right.

Judges 6:14 God is talking to Gideon. “…Go in the Strength you have…”


Adam Groff


2 Responses to “Climb The Mountain Part 1”

  1. Adam,

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.


  2. 2 Amy Jones

    Thanks Adam, Just what I needed to read today.


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