Get Away Secrecy

Top Secret

Top Secret

Secrets were always fun but at the same time annoying when you were a kid. It was fun when you were involved in it and it was annoying when you weren’t. Back then secrets were usually about how Freddy likes Michelle or how Charlie was the one who put peanut butter on the teachers chair. Very childish and seemingly innocent, were secrets back then. Gosh I miss those days. You know, little fun fact about me, when I was in around 3rd grade, I actually got chased by girls along with a couple of my friends. It was interesting because they would try to sneak up behind us, kiss their hand and try to put it on our backs. To this day it still baffles me whether or not they liked us or were just teasing us, but anyways…

As we get older our secrecy become more “mature”. I put quotes around that word because they sometimes aren’t necessarily mature in nature but are instead just more grownup-like. Some secrets are most definitely innocent but they can also be very bad. After a conversation with some cool people, I found out that secrecy and sin is a combination that the Devil loves to see. To sin and then keep it a secret usually leads to a continuation of that sin. I can attest to that personally.

The obvious step to take is to confess your sins to someone. When you are open about a struggle with sin, whatever it may be, it can be motivating. Knowing that others know that you are having this struggle can help inspire you to flee from it. No one wants to have to tell those people that its getting worse, but that is not the point of telling someone. The point is to free yourself from the secrecy, from the lies that you are telling others as well as yourself. It may be scary to tell people your dark secrets but in the end its no doubt a step in the right direction.

“Secrecy is the Devils playground”


Adam Groff


3 Responses to “Get Away Secrecy”

  1. 1 DAD

    Adam, You should read the Pastor Dan Rockwell’s blog “Resolutions Don’t Work”. Then you will know the next step in overcoming your “sinful” ways. Trusting in God, not yourself, is the way to beat sin back!
    HEY! How did your early morning rising go wor you over Easter break? HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!
    (I just had to throw that in!!!!)

    • Thanks for the comments, Dad. thanks for referring me to that blog and you are absolutely right. In response to your final comment, so what hahahaha. But hey i woke up early on wednesday and climbed a mountain before lunchtime haha. Hows that for waking up early. Speaking of waking up early, ill be waking up early tomorrow to drive James up to his home in NewYork to pick up his guitar stuff for Man’s weekend. Ill prolly give you a ring at some point along the way. Stay sweet father-man.

  2. Adam,

    Thanks for pointing me to this post. I can see the connection and agree that secrecy only serves to magnify our struggles. The things we bury or hide actually gain power in our lives.

    Keep up the great work


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