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Write It

Writing is an interesting skill to say the least. I see it as lucky that we have so many different words to choose from when we need to express ourselves through writing. I’m not one of those writers with tons of variety in the words I use in these posts but that is not what defines how good or bad a writer is. To me a good writer is someone who can get the point across and make it as clear as possible. It truly doesn’t take a lot of words to tell someone something simple like “I love you”. Yes people who some may consider a “talented” writer may expound on that ideal by using tons of metaphors and similes in a poetic manor to melt the heart of the one they love. If you ask me, telling someone straight up, “I love you”, is just as good and effective as the dude (or dudette) who uses rhyming patterns and references to flowers and endless green pastures.

My point in all this is that you don’t have to be a good writer to express yourself. For instance one of my main draws when I started writing “My Thoughts” on Facebook was my lack of grammar and the use of more familiar writing style used by most teens and even adults in texting and talking online in chats. I often used incomplete sentences but most people were still able to understand it and what made it work was that people who read it could better relate to it. Most authors are very intelligent writers and I believe in some cases show off with their huge spectrum of vocab words. I would probably do the same because words are very cool.

To get back to the point here, writing is a gift that most of us have so why not use it to its full potential. I use it because I find it fun, therapeutic, and it is a way that I believe I can inspire and help people. Writing isn’t limited to just the people who can write an entire sentence with 15 letter words or just the people that can masterfully create poems. Writing has no limit. So I encourage you to write. Write it all, write it now.

“Writing is…well…Just ‘write'”


Adam Groff


12 Responses to “Write It”

  1. Adam,

    I’m on board with this idea. I decided to write one blog per day. The committment is a challenge but I’m following your good advice. It’s right to write!

    Keep up the good work


    • I thought you would like this one Dan. Now that I have written it, I need to try to actually do it haha. Pretty much the stuff I write about at this point is ideas that I’m personally working on in my life and in some cases they are incomplete thoughts but as I learn from writing these and from reading yours and all the other comments, my blog should grow and so should my thoughts. Thanks Dan.


  2. 3 Amy Jones

    Adam, I can appreciate this. I think I have somewhat of a gift for writing but as you said I was worried about grammer and run on sentences.(It didn’t help that my Dad was an English teacher either). Anyway I just end up wadding up what I write. I am going to try to write everyday.
    Keep writing,


    • Thank you Amy for you lovely comment. Yeah, I am right with you about the wadding up of what you right because there are many times where I’m not really in the “zone” so to speak and my woods and thoughts just don’t seem to go together well. I worry about just about everything I have written in this blog along with my Facebook group “My Thoughts”. Practice makes perfect and writing everyday is one way to do that. I’m still struggling with writing everyday because I’m not used to it. I do have one idea to try and that is to just write something everyday that may or may not be used in this blog or My Thoughts. Just something for myself. Just write to write pretty much. Once again thanks for reading and commenting. I greatly appreciate your involvement in my blog.


      • Amy, do you have your own blog or is there some other means with which you post your writing? I’m interested to see how you write and what you have to say.

  3. 6 Cheryl Hollinger

    This dudette says, “Way to go Adam!” I love you dude!

  4. 8 Amy Jones

    Adam, thanks for your last comment. No I do not have my own blog. I mostly just write on note pads or in a journal. But you have truly encouraged me. Thank you. I read this quote today “I’m just going to write, I cannot help it” Charlotte Bronte

    • Thats pretty cool. I don’t personally write in a journal or anything like that but I have really thought about on many occasions but just haven’t taken the steps to actually start one. I like the idea of writing on pad because it has a more personal feel. Unfortunately I have terrible hand writing so that plays a bit a of a role in my not taking the plunge into journaling. There is always the option t start one on my computer where my words can be legible haha. But anyways, its good to hear that you are encouraged. In a way its encouraging to me to continue what I’m doing. Also that is a great quote so thanks for sharing that. I have one more question for you if you don’t mind. I’m just curious as to how you came across my blog?

  5. 10 Amy Jones

    I came across your blog because Dan Rockwell is my friend on facebook. Also I go to your church and I believe Dan has mentioned it in one or two of his services.

    • Hahaha thats awesome. I still have yet to meet everybody that goes to Church at Good News. Ill be there this week rockin the bass.

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