Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Fire Pit

I have experienced something incredible on several occasion that I would like to share with all of you. This really doesn’t have much to do with this blog but I feel that its very cool. What I am talking about is Men.

Men are incredible. This probably sounds kinda gay but what I mean is when guys get together in whatever fashion it may be from smokin stogies in a tobacco shop, hangin around a campfire or just being together anywhere, its something very special. A special bond that envelops during the get together that just amazes me each and every time. I’m sure that woman have their own version of this that I probably wouldn’t understand and I apologize to any woman if this post sounds sexist. I’m just sharing my experiences with you and since I’m not a girl or have ever dressed up like a girl and been at a female gathering, I can’t really say anything about a womans gathering.

Anyways, I was just recently at a gathering of a group of people who are working together on a church planting project and we had some what of an agenda with which we wanted to touch base on and such. The whole situation was just super “chill” meaning relaxed and comfortable. We went one by one answering two questions:

What is God teaching you?

What are you good at?

As we went around answering the question, it seemed like we all had something interesting to say and something to offer the group as a whole. After the questions we discussed many different things involving the church plant. We shared different stories, some funny, some serious. I’m not a big talker in person as some of you already know and I felt very comfortable adding my input in different situations where I usually don’t.

The main point of this is that something special happens when good guys gather together and hang out. Every time I leave a situation like that I always feel great and think to myself “Men are awesome”. The conversations, the jokes, the comradery, the complete experience is just someting that amazes me.

To quote a friend

“When good people gather around good stuff, Good stuff happens.”


Adam Groff


5 Responses to “Fire Pit”

  1. Adam,

    Love this post! I enjoy how you tell your own story in a way that helps me.

    Very encouraging.


  2. 2 Cheryl Hollinger

    Well Adam, once again you have amazed me…that’s really a neat blog…I’m glad you have such a neat group of Christian men to fellowship with and grow in your spiritual walk with. Blessings to you this Easter!

  3. 3 Amy Jones

    Adam, I always enjoy your blogs. They make me smile. Thanks. Happy Easter

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

  5. 5 Derrick Shultz

    Dude this is big stuff!!! When guys gather round the good stuff, good things happen!!! Bomb goes the fireworks!!!

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