Sleeping In Is Bittersweet




I love to sleep in. Sleeping in is probably one of the most looked forward to things in anybodies life. Most people, especially teens these days just want to sleep soo long into the day. To me this is a bittersweet experience.

Sleeping in will feel good and feel right but then when you finally get up at noon or even later, your day is half over. Yeah you stay up till 2 or 3 am but come on folks, live your lives a little and be up when the sun is still out. Don’t get me wrong though, Sleeping in can sometimes be worth it but it should not be done on a daily or even 3 times a week basis. I find that getting up at a decent time makes the day seem more full.

The problem we have as people is that we wake up in the morning and our first thoughts are “eh a couple more minutes”. Those couple of minutes almost always turn into an hour or 2. I’m completely guilty of this. Heck my alarm clock goes off, on average, about 3 or 4 times every morning before I actually get up. Of course I set my alarm for like well over an hour before I actually need to get up. Now when one finally gets up and out of bed, they go through the non-comprehension phase of waking up. Thats the half hour to possibly two hour period where you are just not quite awake yet and functioning properly. This is another advantage to waking up at a decent time. Instead of wasting afternoon time with this zombie-ness crap, you would only waste the rest of your morning and then by the time the afternoon comes around…”boom”…your ready for action.

Of course this doesn’t apply to everybody because some people have real jobs and get up early anyways. This is mostly focused on the college and high school students who have the advantage of sleeping in. Let me explain how my summer job works. I work piece-rate so when I reach my quota, I’m done for the day. I go to work at around 7 and depending on how fast I go, i’ll finish around noon or 1 pm. This is perfect because I feel like I actually accomplished something instead of just waking up and being like “wow half the day is gone and I just got up”.

So folks, all I’m saying is get up a little earlier tomorrow. Make your day more productive. I guarantee you will feel so much better about it. Here is a tip for you: plan to do something at the time you plan on getting up. For example, plan to go for a walk at 10am. Basically give yourself a reason to get up.

“Sleeping in is bittersweet, yeah you got plenty of sleep but where did your day go?”


Adam Groff


3 Responses to “Sleeping In Is Bittersweet”

  1. 1 DAD

    How did waking up early during break go for you. I’ll be interested to see how well you get up this summer. Maybe I will print your blog and hang it up around the house!!!!!!!!! You will have to ge up with Tyler and me at 5am. That way you could be done with work by 11am. Wow, that means you would have a lot of time to do other things, like working around the house (maybe? NOT!!!), or practicing tennis!!!!!! (that’s a little more believable!)


  2. hahaha Dad, you jokester you. If Steve would be ok with me showing up at 6 every morning, I would do it. You wanna hang it up around the house you go for it. I never claimed that I do actually get up early. I did mention that im guilty of sleeping in too late, which you can attest to since youve seen me sleep in till like 2 or 3 a couple times. All im saying is that waking up at a decent time can make the day more fulfilling. But along with that, one needs to actually do stuff during the day to actually make it truly fulfilling. Waking up early will just give one the opportunity to do so.

  3. Hey Groffmeister,

    Good one! Well said and right on. When the bed wins it seems to win all day!

    Very practical blog.

    Leadership Freak
    Dan Rockwell

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