The Bad Mood Effect


Bad MoodOptimism is not the easiest state of mind to maintain. Life is gunna throw some crazy curve balls at you daily that can turn your day upside down. It could be anything from a pop quiz to missing a green light at an intersection. From these daily challenges can spark the enemy of optimism.

Bad Moods.

Bad moods can come out of nowhere. Maybe you didn’t do so well on a test or you were stupid enough to stay up too late one night when you know you gotta get up early. I tell you what, that is a mistake I make quite often. The worst is when you wake up and your a bit cranky and your mom absolutely spots it and just feels the need to tell you. Thanks mom. What makes that so bad is that when she says that it most definitely doesn’t help. When she says it I just become even more cranky because I’m trying to convince her that I’m not by way of yelling. Irony I do believe.

Anyways, bad moods make it extremely hard to be optimistic. Your mind is just either way too tired or its just completely spent. You tend to be short with people as well as snappy. When these bad moods strike we need to recognize them so they don’t tear our day apart. Homework, for me is a huge cause of these bad moods. This is mostly due to my procrastinating abilities that I have developed over the years. I’m quite a talent, I tell you what. Homework hits me near the due date and I scuffle around trying to get it done.The best thing you can do in any bad mood situation is to try to get yourself out of the funk by any means necessary. For instance, in my homework situation, it wouldn’t be ethical for me to just skip homework so I try to make the best of my homework by throwing on some music. Specifically cheering music and I take breaks from work very often. In the case where you just didn’t get enough sleep well then a nap never hurt anyone so nap it up yo.

Basically, we must recognize the bad mood and where it is stemming from and then from there we need to do what we can to reverse by doing what makes us the most happy or turn work into something actually bearable.

How do you fight your bad moods?


Adam Groff


5 Responses to “The Bad Mood Effect”

  1. Hey Groffmeister!

    Thanks for posting… I fight bad moods by being mean to people. That always cheers me up! 😉

    The world needs someone encouraging us to be optimistic.



  2. 2 Tim

    Hey Groffman. I am never in a bad mood, so I don’t need to fight bad moods. Keep up focusing us on staying on the positive side.


  3. Hahaha thanks guys.

  4. 4 DAD

    Adam, where does realism enter into all this? Just something for you to think and hopefully write about.

  5. Good question dad, Ill look into it and make a post about it.

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