FBO Part 2: Faith



Lets talk about faith. Most people tie the word faith in with religion. This is true for the most part but you can have faith in people or even things be it so weird. Faith is defined as having trust in someone or something. It is also a belief that is not based on proof. You can see why this word is tied to religion because…well…most religions are based on having faith in something or someone. Me being a Christian pretty much means that I have faith in Jesus or in other words I have trust in him.

Faith is definitely, in a lot of ways, similar to Optimism but at the same time, they are two very different monsters. Here is the main difference that I have found.

While optimism is believing that something good will happen, faith is believing that God will make something good happen.

This is a very vague explanation of the difference but I think you get the point. You may be wondering at this point how I could possibly put these two “very different monsters”, as I put it, into a single belief? Well I have to say that it is hard even for me to rap my head around it but I will try to explain it.

Optimism is a word that most people know and understand. Faith is a word that can have its meaning be debated over. If I were to say I am faithful, then one might insinuate that I wouldn’t cheat on a girlfriend in the event I have one. Or they may just think that I’m a religious kind of dude who believes in a God. Do you see where I’m getting at? Even if I say “I’m faithful in the Lord” people wont understand exactly what I mean. On the other hand, if I were to claim that I’m an optimist, people would right away understand what I’m saying. Basically, saying I believe in faith based optimism, most people will pick out that I’m religious and optimistic. This is something that is very hard to explain but I think I made it somewhat clear.

“Optimistic in Life, Faithful in the Lord”


Adam Groff


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